Richard Kathmann banner, West Kortright Looking South, August 2016

Richard Kathmann, West Kortright Looking South 08/27/16, acrylic, paper, 7 ½” x 22”, ©2016

Richard Kathmann, the peripatetic, always come home. Home to the family farm and the woods in the western Catskills. From Brooklyn, Chicago, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Medellin, Colombia, Georgia, New Hampshire and Maine.

From street theater to Tamarind’s litho workshop, large scale drawings and intimate paintings, Richard’s marks are like musical notation; nature’s song, observed, abstracted, embraced and very personal. If you can imagine Lois Dodd on one shoulder and Jake Berthot on the other. Richard seems from the East, a green sage, an angel perhaps.

Richard Kirk Mills, “Vision Quest Seven,” Green Kill, Kingston, August 2017

This Morning's Walk

Richard Kathmann, This Morning's Walk, oil, linen, 20"x22", ©2008.
Woodstock School of Art Prize, Hudson River Quadricentenial Exhibition, ©2009

Water - Mathews Acequia

Richard Kathmann, Water - Mathews Acequia, oil, birch panel, 9”x9 ¼”, ©2015

ABQ Bosque 1

Richard Kathmann, ABQ Bosque 1, oil, canvas on birch panel, 8 1/4"x15", ©2015

ABQ Bosque 2

Richard Kathmann, ABQ Bosque 2, oil, canvas on birch panel, 11"x15", ©2015

My Woods July

Richard Kathmann, My Woods July, original black-and-white lithograph ©2007, hand-pulled by Tim Sheesley, Corridor Press, limited edition of ten, 30" x 45" on Rives BFK. Signed and documented, 2007. Second Award, Roberson Museum, Philip Perlstein, juror.

Sept. 21 the Lithograph

Richard Kathmann, Sept. 21 the Lithograph, lithograph, 22 1/2" x 22 1/2", limited edition of 10, Rives BFK, hand-pulled by Tim Sheesley, Corridor Press. ©2010, Richard Kathmann. Exhibited The Hyde Collection, Mohawk Hudson Artists 2010, Charles Desmarias, juror.

Hedgerow Ash

Richard Kathmann, Hedgerow Ash, charcoal on gessoed linen, 16" x 20".  © 2021 Richard Kathmann


Richard Kathmann, October, oil on linen, 18" x 18", ©2013


Richard Kathmann, Someday Again, oil on linen, 16" x 30", ©2023. Private collection.

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